Liliana Gibson

How To Make Fairy Wings

Nowadays magic characters have become very popular, and your child wants a costume of a fairy and refuses to be a snowflake? No problem. Put aside her white sparkling carnival costume of snowflake and let’s set to work. Actually, it’s very easy to make DIY fairy wings!


  • scissors;
  • glue gun/glue;
  • one sheet of 30*30cm (12*12 inches) glossy scrap paper;
  • a 8*6cm (3*2 inches)piece of felt;
  • net lace;
  • a flower shape pin or any other decoration;
  • ribbon.

1. Draw your wings paper template of the desired shape and size and cut it out.

2. Fold the sheet of scrap paper in half, outline the template and cut it out. You got two wings.

3. Put the wings shiny side down at a distance of 4-5 cm (2 inches) apart one from the other.

4. Join two wings with a piece of felt and glue it to them.

5. Make holes in the wings using a paper cutter, scissors or a punch. The distance between the holes on one wing is approximately the width of the piece of felt.

6. Cut two 60 cm (24 inches) pieces of ribbon (ribbons should be long enough to attach the wings to your child shoulders).

7. Insert the ribbons through the holes so that their ends were on the reverse side of the wings.

8. Make a net lace bow and glue it to the felt in the center of the wings.

9. Pin or glue a flower or any other decoration in the bow’s center. Wings for your little fairy are finished!


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