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How To Make Flower Crowns

Flowers have always been considered  women embellishment, for many centuries women have decorated their hair and clothes with flowers. A flower crown is a perfect solution for a theme party, wedding or other solemn event. This tutorial will teach you how to make a DIY artificial flower crowns.


  • wire;
  • artificial flowers;
  • scissors;
  • ribbons.

DIY Flower Crown Tutorial

A flower crown differs from an ordinary flower wreath, as flowers cover only 3/4 of its base. Before starting our wreath, measure your head. The finished crown should fit snugly on your head. Make your crown base using wire.

Get some artificial paper flowers. You can buy them in a shop. Cut stems of big flowers and anchor blossom with florist wire. Now it would be easy to attach them to the crown base. In addition, you can make bundles using 3-4 smaller flowers. All flowers should be put on wire; otherwise, we won’t be able to attach them properly to the base.

Now attach flowers to the base alternating sizes and colors. You can do a wreath or a flower crown.

It’s better to use sturdy wire to make a crown base, but if you only have thin wire, you can make a braid with it. The advantage of the braid is that you needn’t wrap flowers around it, you can just glue them.

As in the previous tutorial, you need cut off flowers’ stems and glue them using a glue gun. You can glue leaves inside your wreath.


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