Hazel Hamilton

How To Make A Hardcover Book

Art of creation of books is quite ancient craft, but actually in it there is nothing difficult! You will be able quite to make the book in house conditions, attached a little imagination and diligence. If you were bothered by sample and boring daily logs, notebooks, and there is a wish to make something interesting and unique for yourself, and perhaps as a gift, this article for you!

The following is required:

  • paper;
  • glue;
  • cardboard;
  • fabric or leather.

1. Put 4 blocks from paper on 8 sheets in everyone.

2. Put each block in half.

3. Unwrap and turn over the block.

4. Fasten pages together.

5. Connect blocks among themselves.

6. Cut the edges (if necessary).

7. Cut out a cardboard for a cover.

8. Make a spine.

9. Mark and cut out material for a cover.

10. Paste material to a cardboard.

11. Paste blocks of sheets.


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