Eliana Hayes

How To Make Conditioner

Not so long ago I was puzzled with the choice of qualitative conditioner for hair. It wasn't succeeded to find option, ideal for me, among store means, but to prepare remarkable balm most it has appeared easily and simply. My hair are very pleased, for a long time it didn't look such brilliant and soft.

  • 100 ml of Hair Conditioner Base;
  • avocado oil — 0, 5 ml.;
  • laminaria extract — 1 h l.;
  • d-pantenol — 1/4 h l.;
  • vitamins A, E — on 3 thaws of everyone;
  • polysorbate 80 — 1/2 of h l.;
  • potassium sorbate — 0, 2 гр. the l dissolved in 1/2 h. warm water.

1. Collect all necessary in one place.

2. In a small bottle pour 100 ml of base.

3. In advance dilute potassium sorbate in warm water.

4. Add vitamins.

5. Add D-pantenol.

6. Add laminaria extract.

7. Add polysorbate.

8. Add water with preservative.

9. Add a fragrance, I got perfumed.

10. Properly stir everything, close and shake that all ingredients have mixed up with a basis. 

Now you know how to prepare with one's own hands hair conditioner in house conditions.


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