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How To Make Wedding Bouquets

We can’t imagine a bride without a beautiful wedding bouquet in hands. If your wedding budget is not so big, you can save a considerable amount of money by making a wedding bouquet with your own hands. In order to make it you’ll only need to practice a bit and be creative.

You’ll need:

  • 7 tulips of pastel colour;
  • 5 panicums (herbal plants);
  • floristic green wire and thread;
  • a light cord to bind a bouquet;
  • 15 beads of white colour (diameter is 1 cm);
  • organza of soft pink colour;
  • a pruner;
  • scissors.

1. Fold a strip of organza in two. The strip should approximately be 30 cm long. Cut it along the center in two equal pieces. Make 3-4 rectangular templates.

2. Having folded the rectangulars in two, cut parallel strips. While cutting remember not to get to the folding line. The strips should be 2-3 cm wide.

3. With the help of the wire, we make a decorative bow. By twisting the “legs” of the wire with each other, we fasten the base of the bow. Keep in mind that in the end one “leg” of the wire should be much longer than all the rest. This “leg” will be the “stem” of the flower.

4. We align the tulips and gather them together. Across the whole bouquet we put panicums in equal distances from each other. We put decorative flowers from organza on the sides and inside the bouquet. We bind the stems with the help of the green wire. In order to save the shape of the bouquet we additionally bind it a little bit higher.

5. Using a pruner, we make the stems shorter. We carefully separate the foliage from the cut off parts of the bouquet.

6. We put the cut off foliage along the whole radius of the bouquet.

7. We carefully bind the bouquet with the help of the floristic thread. We wrap the thread around the bouquet 2-3 times and tie the decorative cord.

8. We string a couple of white beads on the ends of the cord. In order for the beads to stay on their places we tie the ends of the cord in knots.

9. Here is our light and elegant bouquet!


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