Natalia Alexander

How To Make A Valance

Let’s see how to make a seamless valance. In order to make this valance, you need only a small amount of suitable fabric, a curtain and matching accessories.

  •  fabric width is 1 3/4 ″ of the window’s width; 
  • two safety pins and standard pins;
  •  two vintage clips.


The size of this valance is 65 x 22 ″.

Formula: the window’s width+ the curtain’s width x 2 + width + the valance’s width = the width of the fabric.

Example of measurements: 37 + 6 + 22 = 65″.

Cut the fabric and lining, they are the same size. Fold the edges at one inch. Glue the together using fabric glue.

The Installation Of The Valance

1. Mark the center of the upper edge of the fabric. Pin it to the curtain (remove the pin later).

2. Spread the fabric across the curtain and pin it with safety pins as  close to the wall as possible.

3. After you pinned the valance, it will fall down on the curtain.

4. Grab the fabric from each side using the pins  in the middle...

5. Attach the decorative clips with pins.

6. Remove the central pin, securing its place with a decorative clip.

You can create your unique valance. You are confined only by your fantasy and the fabric size. Creating this kind of valance won’t require much time or materials.


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