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How To Make Christmas Bows

Besides packing of gifts and home decoration, Christmas bows play important role for December celebrations. Christmas bows can be simple and complex, but in any case they deliver Christmas spirit to all the surrounding people.

A Bow For Package Of Gifts

1. Choose a ribbon. The Christmas ribbon is usually red, green or red-green one. You can select a purely red or green, a checked one, a spotted or with stripes, when it comes to Christmas flowers, rely on your preferences. Below find several ingenious not "black-and-white" tips, or more specifically: not "red-and-green ones":

  • If you want something special, choose a blue ribbon with silver or white elements. This is the excellent choice which looks jolly enough for this holiday.
  • Violet color is also fine suited for a Christmas ribbon. Select deep, sated tints with a little reddish tone.
  • Something with stars, candies, snowflakes, bells, or mittens. It fits fine for Christmas, independently from a color solution.

2. Start to wrap a gift in a ribbon and make a knot. Cut the ribbon to the length, which will be sufficient to wrap the gift from all sides. Tie the ribbon closely lest it does not slip off.

3. Make a loop at the left end of the ribbon. Use the forefinger and the thumb to keep the loop on-site under the knot. The loop must be smooth without bends and wrinkles.

4. Make the second loop. Wrap the right side of the ribbon around the left loop and then under it. Tighten it to get the second likewise sized loop. Do it like you do with a tie or laces.

5. Tie the bow. Pull both loops with equal intensity to tie a knot in the center. Correct ends so that the bow would look neat and the loops would be identical.

6. Add decorations. When your bow is ready, it is time to add some elements to decorate it. You can attach a little tinsel to the bow or ribbons with an ornament under it.


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