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How To Decorate A White Christmas Tree

The white spruce is beautiful by itself, so it does not require any unusual Christmas toys and tinsel. You can do with a minimum of identical balls of one or two colors, and the result will still be great! The white spruce looks always beautiful, unusual, stylish, airy and, importantly, fits almost any, and not necessarily light, interior. The white spruce as a European trend and it is not very common in Russia so far, but it is sure to gain popularity very soon!

Decoration of turquoise, green and purple colors fit it very well. Often designers, decorating white spruces, use monochrome design featuring white toys or toys of colors close to white- transparent, milk, silver, light pink, etc.

Note: it is better use white light garlands for white trees. They make the tree look more fairytale-like and airy.

Fabulous tree:

White glow makes white spruce translucent and even faint:

Red tinsel on the tree, in my opinion, is superfluous. You can do with balls alone.

Pay attention to this tree. Absence of toys, only garlands with lamps. However, the white spruce still looks very festive and stylish. Another proof of my words: the white spruce is beautiful by itself.

Another ghost-spruce:


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