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How To Make Minnie Mouse Ears

Typically, Minnie Mouse has similar ears as Mickey Mouse; the only difference is that the former has a bow (or sometimes a crown, Santa Claus’ hat or any other symbol) between the ears. The ears are black. Since Minnie Mouse wears different bows, you can choose any color or design you like.

Your Actions

Make The Ears

Collect all the necessary material. You will need some black felt and a cardboard.

Buy a headband. It may be of any color but at least 1.27 cm. wide.

Make up the round patterns. You’ll have to draw two circles for the ears 7.6 cm. X 12.7 cm. each (it’s more like ovals isn’t it) and with an inset 1. 27 cm. wide (to fix the ears to the band).

Cut out the circles of felt. Put a paper pattern on the felt and trace it. To do this you can use chalk (it is easy to wash off with water). Make four circles of felt – two for each ear.

Use scissors to cut out the circles.

Make circles of the cardboard. Trace the paper pattern, so you can get two circles.

Use sharp scissors to cut out the circles.

Glue the felt details to the cardboard. Use the ordinary glue to stick the felt circles to the cardboard ones. Squeeze some glue in the middle and spread it all over the cardboard with the felt details.

Fix The Ears To The Headband

Use a glue gun to fix the ears. The ordinary glue will not work.

Glue the ears insets to the downside of the band. Your circles should be at least 10 cm. far from each other, so that you can put there your bow.

Bend the ears to make them look up. Those insets should hold them.

Let the glue dry before you fix the bow.

Make A Bow

Measure and cut 25 cm. of strip. The strip should be 12.7 – 20.3 cm. wide.

Measure 7.6 cm. and cut the piece of strip. You are going to wrap this piece of strip around the bow, so the red one will be perfect.

Put the longer piece of strip on an even surface.

Fold both ends to the middle of the strip.

Take each end and fold them, so that they meet each other in the center of the strip. Make one of them overlay the other a little.

Apply some glue to the end of the strip.

Press the ends to the middle of the strip and hold them for 30 seconds to let the glue cool down and take an effect.

Make a bow of the strip. It will be easy to do if the strip is at least 12.7 cm. wide

Press the center of the bow. The harder you press the more impressive edges of the bow will be.

Tie the 7.6 strip around the bow. Wrap it several times and then remove your fingers from the spot where you’ve been holding the bow. Wrap firmly the rest of the around the center of the bow.

Glue the central piece of the strip to its place.

Raise one side of the strip and apply some glue there.

Press the side with the glue and hold it for 30 seconds to let the both pieces of the strip stick to each other.

Fix The Bow To The Band

Pass a pipe cleaner through the back of the bow. If you can’t find the fold to pass the pipe cleaner through just fix it to the back side of the bow.

Cross both end of the pipe cleaner (thus, it will not slip away from the bow).

Put the bow between the ears.

Roll each end of the pipe cleaner around the band. One of them must look to the left and the other one to the right. You’ve just fixed the bow between the ears to the band.



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