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How To Make A Flag

Making A Flag From The Fabric

1. Take a piece of nylon or cotton. Select the fabric which corresponds to the desired shade of the flag. If you are making the US flag, you can choose the usual white color. For make a big flag, use a piece of 5×3 feet of fabric. If you want to make a small flag, a small piece of fabric will be sufficient (for example, pillowcases).

2. You also need to get the other pieces of cloth of the color which you want to use for your flag. It does not matter what fabric you use for the flag. You can use nylon, cotton, felt, silk, polyester, velor - everything that is in the house! Old stuff or tablecloth are best suited for this.

3. Select the flagpole. For a homemade flag will do any material. You can use a tree branch or a handle of an old broom. Material for the flagpole should be durable and long.

4. Make a pocket for the flagpole. Before you attach the flag to the handle, you need to make a pocket in which a flagpole is placed. To do this, lay flag on the table and put the flagpole along the vertical small edge of the material on the right side.

5. Decorate your flag. It's time to have fun! Use markers, rulers and stencils to draw patterns of drawings on a colored cloth. Drawings can be cut with sharp scissors. Once the decorations are ready, glue them to the flag, using fabric glue.

6. Fasten the flag. Once you're done with decorating, it is necessary to put the flagpole in the pocket. If the flagpole is fixed bad, you can glue it or make a few small stitches to secure the bottom of the flag. Now you can wave a flag to your heart's content!


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