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How To Make A Voodoo Doll

It’s very easy to make a DIY voodoo doll. It can even be used in therapeutic purposes, for example, for getting rid of a headache, a heartburn etc. Performing difficult rituals requires great experience, courage and a magic gift, which is a very rare talent. For home use, I offer to make a very simple and primitive voodoo doll, which is still used in the southern states of America.

First, you will need two sticks. The usual wooden sticks are not suitable: they must be cut 1-2 days ago. You should use neither freshly cut sticks nor dry ones. At the time of voodoo’s doll creation sticks must be halfway to dead. Aspen or hazel sticks fit perfectly for this purpose.  Make a cross shape with the two sticks as shown on the picture and tie them using rope or twine. Hemp and wool fit perfectly. It is very important to use natural materials without any chemical fibers making a voodoo doll.

Apply a few drops of blood of the person whose doll you create on the crossing. It isn’t recommended to use hair in voodoo magic. Spirits that provide voodoo magic must know exactly whose this doll is. Moreover, the blood is the only substance to transmit the exact person’s energy print. In extreme cases, you can use the hair, nails, etc., but this can greatly affect the efficiency of the voodoo ritual. For further steps you will need straw, flax or cotton fiber (fiber looks like cotton, not cloth). They will help you to make your doll more anthropomorphic (human like). See the picture for details.

Now you will need dark natural cloth. Wool is a perfect solution, but 100% cotton is suitable, too. Cut your cloth in stripes and tightly wrap the doll in order to prevent straw and fiber from moving around and bunching. Wrap cloth stripes around the doll as shown on the picture. Make sure to leave some straw or fiber on the top of the crucifix. It will make doll’s hair.

Now, when your voodoo doll is almost finished, you need to add a few details to make it look more like the person you want it to represent. For this purpose, you need the buttons of the same color as the eyes of the person whom doll impersonates. In addition, you can use beads to mark the most notable birthmarks. You should draw person’s tattoos as they are not innate (in case if the tattoo is a magic symbol protecting its owner from spirits, creating voodoo doll is highly not recommended).

Now few final touches. You will have to recall clothes and accessories that the person represented by the doll likes.  It is absolutely necessary to give the doll a greater resemblance to the person it symbolizes. It is desirable to make doll’s accessories out of materials belonging to the person it impersonates. For this purpose, you can ask this person a handkerchief or discreetly take his ribbon or something of the sort. After you add the accessories the voodoo doll is finished.


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