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How To Make A Paper Wallet

Children of all ages will be excited to create articles out of different materials. Articles made out of paper are especially popular because they are quite easy to make and you don’t need to have any special skills to do that. A little bit older child may be suggested making a wallet out of paper. It’s quite simple and won’t take much time. At the same time, your child will be excited to do such an article. In case you not only make a paper wallet, but also colour it in your own unique way, your child then could show off in front of his friends his ability to make origami and his creative skills. Most importantly, it will be a unique thing that only your child will have.

How to make a paper wallet with your own hands?

In order to make a paper wallet you do not need to be prepared thoroughly. In order to create the wallet you’ll need the following things:

- scissors;
- a sheet of white paper (A4);
- a pencil;
- a stapler;

To make the wallet you’ll need to follow a particular sequence of actions. Below you can see an instruction to the making of the wallet.

1. We need to take a simple white sheet of paper and fold it in two halves.

2. Then we fold the sheet in two halves once again.

3. Now we open up (unfold) the sheet.

4. To make it easier you may write numbers with the help of a pencil as it is shown on the picture.

5. According to the scheme, we need to cut up the sheet following the lines.

Now we can start folding the wallet itself:

- We need to fold the pieces with numbers 2 and 3;
- We need to fold the backside of the sheet number 1 with the backside number 8;
- We need to fold pieces with numbers 4, 5, 6 with the backside number 2;
- We need to fold backsides number 6 and 7;
- We need to fold the backside number 5 with the backside number 1;

We fasten the edges of the wallet with the help of a stapler. The wallet is ready. Now you can put not only your money in it, but also your credit cards for which there is a separate compartment. Only remember that you shouldn’t put there too many things, otherwise your wallet will tear apart.


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