Quinn Owens

How To Make A Wreath Bow

Tools And Materials:

  • silk ribbons 2-3-4 cm ( 0,8-1,6 inches )width of golden and greenish shades;
  • scissors;
  • beads;
  • pins;
  • golden wire.


1. First, cut silk ribbons on diamonds, then fold them as shown on the photo and using golden wire form small 6 petals flowers.

2. In the center of each flower attach one or several beads.

3. Now make leaves from green ribbons, folding them as shown on the photo.

4. Take the circular base for your wreath (preferably wrapped with silk ribbons and having a diameter of not less than 40 cm/16 inches) and start to attach silk flowers alternating them with green leaves using pins. Then it is done, spread all petals and leaves and attach the finished Christmas wreath to the selected place.

Similar Christmas wreaths often decorate American mantelpieces and German kitchens. Using some free time, you can create with your own hands this bright Christmas decoration.


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