Amelia Hernandez

How To Make A Tulle Table Skirt

Out of this masterclass you will find out how to make a light, “ballet like”, tulle table skirt with your own hands. Such a sumptuous skirt out of tulle looks very smart and, besides, it’s very easy to make. You won’t have to sew or glue anything.

You’ll need:

  • a satin ribbon. The ribbon should be 5 cm wide. The length of the ribbon should be equal to the perimeter of your table. In our case, it’s 50 cm.
  • a piece of tulle. The length should be equal to the perimeter of your table +1 cm. The wideness is equal to 2 heights of the table;
  • scissors;
  • pins.

A step-by-step instruction:

1. Cut the tulle into strips. The strips should be 10 cm wide. The length of the strips is 2 heights of the table.

2. Pull on the ribbon. You may bind its ends to 2 chairs and put them in the different corners of the room.

3. Bind a strip of tulle to the ribbon in the following way.

4. Do the same with all the rest strips of tulle.

5. When you cover the whole area of the ribbon with the strips, fasten the side strips of tulle on the ribbon. You may do it by stitching the tulle to the ribbon with several stitches.

6. You may either tie the ends of the ribbon in a bow or leave them the way they are.

7. The skirt is ready. On the day of the holiday fasten it to the tablecloth with pins and evenly allocate the knots along the ribbon.


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