Addison Harris

How To Make A Pillow

Pillows are beautiful and functional interior decoration, which are very easy to make with your own hands. All the necessary materials and tools are in each house:

  • Scraps of fabric;
  • Scissors;
  • Sewing machine;
  • Ruler and pencil or chalk to mark;
  • Sewing needle and threads;
  • Button.

For the first project, you'll need a soft cloth, such as jersey but it is very important to keep it unfragmented while cutting! As a base you can use a thick cotton cloth. A little tinker with scissors and a sewing machine, and you can make just such an unusual decor element:

First you need to draw the jersey into equal rectangles:

Then you need to cut out two squares of thick cotton fabric for the base of a cover and draw one of them by vertical lines with a ruler and pencil, beginning about 2 cm from the edge. To the planned lines you will sew the rectangular workpieces. The optimal distance between the rows is about 1.5 cm. It will be a frontal side of your pillow.

Then stitch the rectangles to the base, enclosing them under the presser foot of the sewing machine at a small distance from each other:

Finishing the line, fold and iron the fringe to see the next line:

For a fringe to seem thicker the workpieces can be arranged in a checkerboard pattern (so that where there is a gap in the first line, in the second line there is a rectangle). Keep on working until you fill all the space of the base.

Finishing the sheathing, you need to sew the back. To do this, fold the two squares face each other and stitch around the perimeter, leaving a small hole for stuffing. Make sure that the fringe does not get into the stitches!

Through the hole turn the cover on the front side, stuff it with synthetic padding or other selected material, and sew the gap with the help of a hidden seam. And here our pillow is ready!


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