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How To Make Easter Wreath

Easter is drawing near. It is the greatest holiday for those who believe in God. There is a tradition to paint eggs to celebrate this wonderful day. Such eggs symbolize resurrection for a future life. People also bake Easter cakes.

An Easter wreath should include the symbols of this holiday. The egg is a symbol of eternity, immortality and celebration of life. The nest is a symbol of home and family coziness. The whole composition should include elements of vibrant colours, as they symbolize renovation, awakening of nature and fertility.

An Easter wreath can be hung on a door or wall in any room. This decoration is loved especially by children. You can make an Easter wreath using various materials.

You will need:

  • branches;
  • egg;
  • dried hydrangea blossoms;
  • wire;
  • thread that matches in colour with the braches;
  • ribbon;
  • PVA glue.

Eggs are quite heavy and not convenient to hang, so it is recommended to use decoupage eggs or eggshells.

1. Shape the branches to make a wreath by joining them together with a wire in several places. Use a thread to ensure the wreath won’t break.

2. Use flowers to hide the places where wire wraps the wreath. Stick them to the wreath using PVA glue.

3. Take a ribbon and attach the egg to the upper part of the Easter wreath.


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