Nadia Barrett

Make A Wooden Spice Jar Rack

Measure the plywood and cut out the pieces with a coping saw. Carefully cut off the planks. Sand the front edges. Mark the following measurements on the side walls of the rack starting with the 70 mm from the bottom: 10 mm, 150 mm, 150 mm, 150 mm.

Draw a straight line near each mark. Make 5-millimeter deep neat slots using a hand-milling machine (straight groove cutter, 6 millimeters) following the straight lines you draw. Now you have neat straight grooves.

Apply wood glue inside the grooves and place the shelves in (rectangular pieces of plywood 70x270 mm). Wipe the extra glue with a soft cloth. Check if the shelves sit neatly and leave it to dry for a few hours.

Glue the planks to the front to make protective rails.

Glue the first two to the edge of the shelves and the third and fourth leaving a 40-millimetr margin of the edge. Fix the shelves with headless nails as well. Wait till the glue is completely dry. Prime the rack one time and sand it with micro grit type of sandpaper.

Color the shelf with acrylic paint twice. Let it dry and finish with acrylic lacquer. Attach the mounting hooks to the sides of the rack. Mark the spots for fixation on the door of the rack, insert the drywall screws and hang the rack.


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