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How To Make A Shoe Rack

If you have time and desire, you may think of how to make a shoe rack with your own hands. You’ll also be able to experiment with its design and the article will become something you’ll definitely feel proud of.

Instruments and materials:

  • Saw;
  • A carpenter’s plane;
  • A hammer;
  • A piece of an emery paper;
  • A screwdriver;
  • 6 wooden bars. They should be 2,2 m. in length. The section is 16*40 mm;
  • Universal self-tappers. The length should be 2,5 cm and diameter is 3mm;
  • Self-tappers for wood;
  • Lacquer.

Step-By-Step Instruction “How To Make A Shoe Rack With Your Own Hands”

1. You’d better start with walls. The construction will be 33 cm deep. Keeping that in mind, you should saw off 6 templates. On one of the templates you put 4 bars. The bars should be put on equal distance from each other. Then, you need to saw holes according to the deepness of a bar. Cut off 4 templates. They will be the shelves of our shoe rack. The length of a template is 62 cm. We insert the bars into the holes and fasten them with self-tappers.

2. Now we may start making the racks. Each of the racks will be 80 cm high. We make holes with the help of the saw. The distance between the holes should be 25 mm. The holes should be 1,6 cm deep (according to the thickness of a bar). You shouldn’t forget to leave an allowance of 10 cm from the upper part of a template.

3. Following the same steeps wee make 4 racks. Then, we insert the ready shelves.

4. You’ll also need to make 2 more templates. You’ll need them to finish the work on the upper part of the article. Then, we need to work on the article with a piece of an emery paper, polish everything, coat it with lacquer and let it dry. Now you can assemble the last parts of the article with self-tappers.


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