Mia Miller

How To Make A Turban

Scarfs and neckerchiefs are good at protecting our hair from sunrays, cold and wind. Besides, a neckerchief may be used for making your look complete because there’s, actually, an unlimited number of colurs, textures, textiles and patterns you can choose from. A turban will attract attention to your face and eyes. It will give you more of an oriental charm.

How To Tie A Turban?

1. Take a long and wide neckerchief. Fold it so that, as a result, you have a long neckerchief. Put it behind your head, the way it’s shown on the first picture.

2. Take the ends of the neckerchief and pull them up to your forehead (the ends should be of the same size). Now cross the ends twice through each other. A turban will look more interesting if you put the “center” of it not in the middle of your forehead, but a little bit to the left or to the right. Choose the location of the “center” based on what variant fits you most.

3. Put the ends of the neckerchief down behind your head. Then, once again, cross them and fasten on the back of the head. Now return, once more, to the forehead area. Tie a knot and put the ends under the neckerchief from above.


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