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How To Draw A Cartoon Horse

Drawing animals is fun and easy. Of course, not everyone is able to draw a real horse as real artists do, but you can easily draw a funny horse for children. Prepare a soft pencil, eraser and paper - the must have of a young artist. The easiest way to draw a horse following step-by-step instructions. We offer you a tutorial on how to draw a funny running cartoon horse.

Steps How To Draw A Cartoon Horse

1. First, place your sheet of paper on the table horizontally. To begin with, paint a circle in the upper left part of your sheet. Then, trace a slightly curved line GOING from the circle. You got a neck and a head of the horse.

2. Draw two other circles to create the torso of the horse. In three lines, complete the horse muzzle.

3. Mark eyes and add ears. Draw the neck and front legs. Don't forget about the hooves. Note that the hind legs of a horse are a bit bigger, so add two small ovals and draw the hind legs. Add a tail to our running horse.

4. Draw beautiful, lush mane and silk fringe. Draw them in few smooth lines. Draw a circle and a curve to create the horse’s nose and mouth. Draw the joints. These are small circles on the legs, which will be hidden with smooth lines.

5. The horse is almost ready. Now grab the eraser and remove from the sketch all the extra pencil lines.

6. Paint the horse can be crayons, paints or crayons.


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