Mia Miller

How To Make Mickey Mouse Ears

You’ll need:

  • A read ribbon. The ribbon should be 5,5 cm wide and 10 cm in length;
  • Read and black threads;
  • A headband with teeth;
  • A piece of black fleece cloth (you may use any other kind of cloth);
  • Scissors, a needle, pencils and other sewing items.

Let’s start! Firstly, we need to make a small bow (you may make it the way you wish) and fasten it to the center of the headband with the help of threads. (We do it by getting a thread between the teeth of the headband) This is exactly how it’s done:

Now we need to make the ears. In order to make them we should have something round (for example, a cup). We put the cup on the piece of fleece cloth and make an outline of it with a pencil (a piece of chalk or soap etc.).

According to your liking, you may draw 4,2 or 1 circle. In our case, we drew 2 and hoped that both of them will be nice. However, something went wrong. When we started drawing the arcs (they are needed to fasten the ears to the headband) 1 ear turned out to be ugly.

Finally, we folded the cloth in four and cut out 4 equal ears. This way you’ll also need to fasten the layers of the cloth with each other so they stay where they should.

When we have everything cut out, we need to fold the details with each other. We fold the insides of 2 details together. As a result will have 2 ears.

In order the details stayed on their place we fasten them with a piece of an adhesive tape (you need to fasten them in the middle with a small strip of the tape).

Now we stich them together on the outside. You better use a glover’s stitch or a loop stitch. We start stitching from the beginning to the end of and arc. Don’t forget to leave the place with which the ear will be fastened to the headband unstitched. You may either fasten the ears to the headband with the help of a superglue or stitch them to it. In case you decide to stitch the ears to the headband, keep in mind that the threads should be between the teeth.

Everything’s done!


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