Charlotte Wilson

How To Make A Cutoff Shirt

There’s nothing you’ll feel more convenient in summer than in a cutoff shirt. Of course, you can easily go and buy it in a shop. But why spending money if you can make a cutoff shirt out of a simple T=shirt within several minutes. This is how you make it.

1. Find a T-shirt. Take out your favorite T-shirts and decide which one you would like to turn into a cutoff shirt, Try them on and see which one fits you the best.

2. Check how a cutoff short will look on you. Tuck up the sleeves as high as you can or fold them inside the T-short following the seam. This way you’ll see if the T-shirt will look good on you without sleeves.

3. Decide which way you’re going to cut it. There are 2 variants: you may leave the seam or cut it off.

4. Put the T-shirt on a clean, smooth surface. If you’re going to cut off the seam, mark the line according to which you’ll cut with a piece of chalk. If you decide to leave the seam, you need to start cutting 3 mm. lower than it.

5. Carefully cut off a sleeve. If you decide to leave the seam, then cut across the perimeter but 3 mm. lower than the seam. Be very careful so that not to cut off too close to the seam. Otherwise, the seam may get apart within several washings.

6. When you’re finished, you may stitch up the edges if you want or you may leave them the way they are. As you’ll be wearing the shirt the edges will get a more natural look and will save you from heat within all summertime!


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