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How To Make Tie Dye Shirts

Warm summer weather is the best for a creative work with fabric outside. It is not so important how exactly we’ll work; whether we’ll use bleach powdering or work according to a Shibori technique. Being inspired by motley sweatshirts, shirts and jeans created by designer Isabel Marant, we take our old but favorite jean shirts and a bottle of Clorox bleach and decide to create out of them a new, super modern item.

Remodeling An Old Shirt According To Tie-dye Technique

You’ll need:

  • An old jean shirt;
  • A bottle of bleach powdering;
  • A number of elastic bands;
  • A pair of rubber gloves;
  • A plastic basin.

If your shirt hasn’t been washed beforehand, first, you need to wash it. Then, start tying the sleeves of the shirt. There isn’t any particular way you should do it. Just try tying it so that as a result, the shirt looked balanced, when certain parts of it lose their colour.

Having tied the sleeves, start deforming the main area of the shirt. Once it is done, fasten the whole “construction” with elastic bands.

Pour 3 liters of bleach and 3 liters of water in a plastic basin. Put on the rubber gloves and put your shirt into this mixture.

Let your shirt lie in the mixture for 10-15 minutes. If the shirt hasn’t fully sunk in the mixture, let it lie in the mixture for 15 minutes, then, turn it over and do the same. When the time is out, watch attentively the way the colour will be changing. As soon as certain parts of the shirt start losing their colour, put them out of the water. Take off the elastic bands and rinse it thoroughly with water.

Your shirt is ready. If you think that it is too motley, you can put the shirt in a blue colourant.


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