Mia Miller

How To Make Pop Up Cards

This step by step instruction will tell you how to make a pop up card with your own hands. In order to make a pop up card you’ll need paper, scissors, a pen, a pencil and multicolour pencils.

1. On this stage we’ll show you how to make a new year card with a pop up angel on it. You need to print 2 templates of an angel for it.

2. Cut the both figures of an angel out.

3. On the piece of the template where the head of the angel is printed, fold the low left flap. You should fold the flap according to the dotted line and then straighten it.

4. Do the same with the low right flap on the other part of the figure.

5. Fasten the part with the head of the angel with the other part. Do it by following the gaps between the parts. Make sure that the wings on both parts are located on the right place.

6. Take the second template (card) and fold it in two along the dotted line.

7. Apply glue to the grey marked areas and glue the flaps of the parts of the angel. These are the flaps we mentioned in points 3 and 4.


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