Aurora Cole

How To Make A Picnic Table

Used materials:

  • Boards with a total length of 42 meters, with a section of 100 mm x 50 mm.
  • Bolts - 16 galvanized bolts, 10 mm thick, 110 mm long. Also 16 nuts and 16 washers to bolts.
  • Nails - galvanized nails with a flat head, with length of 90 mm.


1. At first collect two side legs of a table with support on bolts. Then attach a central board of the table-top

2. Beat extreme boards of the table-top, checking similarity of the side and the flatness of the table.

3. Beat extreme boards of sitting

4. Put other boards of the table-top with equal intervals, using, for example, wedges. Beat a board with two nails. Nails are better to hammer not on one line, but on a small zigzag to avoid wood cracking.

5. Turn the table upside down. Beat amplifiers of [e] and [f] to seats and the table-top from the lower side on the center.

Then beat struts [g]. Remove struts from each other a little if you plan then to make in the center of the table-top an opening under an umbrella.

The table for picnic is finished!


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