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How To Make A Towel Cake

After this master class you will perfectly understand how to make such original cake from towels, and you will be able to present it and to receive the mass of positive impressions and emotions.

The following will be required:

  • three pieces of a corrugated cardboard;
  • three towels of the different sizes (here everything depends on your preparations);
  • roses with branches, tapes for decoration of a cake from towels.

Prepare towels and decorations.

How To Make A Towel Cake Master Class

1. Make three blanks out of a corrugated cardboard, stick together junctions of rings an adhesive tape. Three details have to be located one in another. Pay attention that an internal detail is the highest.

2. Wrap the lowermost tier of cake and "decorate" directly with a towel.

3. In the same way also other cardboard preparations turn into towels and are inserted in each other by tiers.

4. "Decoration" of cake is made of towels. For this purpose it is possible to use everything that you will be able to think up: tapes, artificial flowers, natural fresh flowers, lace is possible or you will make roses of tapes, a band.

Gift with one's own hands on birthday or a wedding, for any holiday. Here is such easy way, knowing how to make cake from towels with one's own hands, you and will make now the options of original towel gifts at what at the slightest pretext, even on a wedding!


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