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How To Make A Paracord Dog Collar

This technology of weaving can be applied also to make a lead for a dog, a bracelet, a belt or something else.

The following things will be necessary for us:

  • two paracords of different colors;
  • vice (clamp);
  • buckle lock;
  • D-shaped ring;
  • scissors;
  • tweezers or special medical clip;
  • measuring tape;
  • lighter.

1. First, it is necessary to measure a neck of your tailed friend. Define the place on a neck where the collar will hang, and take the measurement. Add 3-4 cm that the dog felt comfortable in a collar. To count necessary quantity of a paracord for our work, increase the taken measurement on 4. The grasp of a neck of a dog in this example makes 45 cm. From here, two hanks of a paracord on 1,8 m everyone were required.

2. Put cords in half and stretch everyone through the end of a buckle with one cut. Now take a ring and pass in it both cords, move it closely to a buckle. Further pass each couple of the free ends of a paracord throughout the loop and well tighten.

3. Clamp a buckle in a vice on a steady surface, so will spin much more conveniently a collar since the buckle will stay put and you will be able to hold cords tense.

4. Take the left couple of cords and make a turn around the right couple, as shown in the photo.

5. Take the right couple of cords and carry out actions similar to the 4 step. You'll recieve a full cycle of our knot.

6. Continue to spin a collar till reach that point which will be spaced on 5 cm from the end.

7. Stretch the free ends in the second part of a buckle and leave couple of centimeters between a cut in a buckle and knot.

8. Take two ends of different flowers wrap up them around a free site which we left in the previous step and pass them from above in a loop which was formed.

9. It's only left to hide competently the ends, to cut off superfluous and burn.

Your dog will be happy:) As now it has a unique collar which you have created with your own hands from strong and light material!


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