Bailey Patterson

How To Make Cupcake Toppers

The Following Is Necessary For Us:

  • hot gun;
  • glue-spray, or roller liquid glue;
  • cuticle scissors;
  • glitters;
  • a wire — 3 pieces of equal length (it is possible to replace with shashlik skewers);
  • dense cardboard.

How To Make It:

1. Unpack the initials on a cardboard. Use any font which is pleasant to you, the more ornate, the more interestingly it will be. If the printer doesn't take a dense cardboard, unpack on usual paper, cut out and lead round a cliche on a cardboard. 

2. Cuticle scissors accurately cut out letters and symbols. Keep in mind that you will have about two identical letters. You will understand further why.

3. Spray glue on cardboard letters. If you have usual roller liquid glue, apply it accurately on all surface. In principle any glue will be suitable for paper.

4. Fill a glitter on a surface of a table and, while glue hasn't stiffened yet, quickly dip letters in a glitter only on the one hand. Accurately shake excess gloss.

5. Now you need to insert wire holders. Drip several drops of hot glue on a wire and paste to one letter, from above paste the second letter. Now at you the bilateral brilliant dense letter is ready. Repeat all procedures with other elements of the monogram.

Now, when everything is ready, you can insert the turned-out set-topper into a wedding cake!


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