Elena Ellis

How To Make A Fascinator

The Following Materials Will Be Necessary For You:

  • 60 cm of a grid veil 45 cm wide;
  • crest / hairpin;
  • a needle with a thread;
  • ruler;
  • scissors;
  • glue gun (not necessarily).

Carve out a basis for your veil as shown in the picture. Important: there are 2 edges of a veil - opened (these are 2 edges, shorter which to you have made during a cut in shop) and closed - that edge which looks beautifully and accurately which will be visible in the finished veil. Don't mix!

Sew a veil from a point And to B point - with a seam forward a needle (a basting stitch) - along trapezoidal top.

Sew / paste glue gun collected edge of a veil to a crest / hairpin. That with external and the inside of your hairpin / crest wasn't visible the edges of a veil, you can paste from above the felt piece suitable by the size.

Attach a veil a crest / hairpin to hair slightly below than the top, fix the free ends from sides by invisible beings. Add ornament in the form of an artificial flower or a feather over a crest / hairpin.

Veils are made of a grid veil or a large fatin - the materials relating to hat business. You can buy them in specialized hat shops or in draperies and sewing accessories.


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