Alexandra Sullivan

How To Make A Swamp Cooler

Take an old cooler bag.

A car radiator (proper size).

Submersible pump, a couple of fans (size matters here too), small pipes and cables.

Secure the pump on the bottom of the cooler bag. By the way, it can be an aquarium pump or windshield washer pump. Drag the cables out.

Make a square-shaped cut-out in the inside of the cooler bag’s lid and then two round cut-outs to fit the fans on the outer side of the lid. Screw down the fans and splice together their wires.

Place the radiator in the inner side of the cooler bag’s lid (with its filler necks down). You can use silicone to secure it.

You can use a piano hinge to secure the lid to the bag (I had this one in my garage for ages).

Connect the outlet of the pump with the radiator inlet. You can attach some hose to the outlet of the radiator to take care of the coming out water. Plug in all the cables to the power and it’s ready for use!

How does it work?

Fill the cooler bag with ice (you can use ice bricks as an option) and water. When you turn on the system, it will start pumping cold water from the cooler bag to the radiator, making the fans blow cool air out. You can make this system bigger for the needs of your space. It is suitable for inside use.


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