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How To Make A Bean Bag Chair

This is a practical and very convenient interior item refers to so-called frameless furniture, the main elements of which are cloth and filler. The main task, with which the housewife, who decided to sew a handmade bean bag chair, is to make a correct pattern and to carefully select the volume of a workpiece.

You will need:

  • Decorative cloth for an external cover (2,5x1,4 of a meter);
  • Durable cloth for an inner cover (2,5x1,4 cloth of a meter);
  • 350 liters of the polystyrene (foam plastic granules);
  • Holofiber;
  • Solid threads.

Sew your bean bag chair according to a templet:

Transfer the figure to paper. It is worth to sew together the bottom of the bean bag chair from separate pieces of cloth to minimize a waste. On the cloth piece, the cutout patterns must be located in the following sequence:

Now start to sew together prepared parts. First, sew together let-in pieces from one side, having joined them the face inside. Do not forget about a centimeter allowance! Then stitch let-in pieces from the face side.

Sew in the forty cm zipper on one side, it will be required for filling the bean bag chair with polystyrene. Sew on a fastener to the top of the workpiece (the part with six edges). It will not allow deformation of the workpiece inside.

Now fill the inner cover of the bean bag chair with polystyrene foam. It is handier to do it with help of a paper funnel. It remained to fasten and firmly fix the zipper. Forcibly test the bean bag chair to increase or reduce the amount of filler at need.

Sew the external cover in the similar way, but the zipper must be stitched dead.

Now, connect both covers with help of internal fasteners and fasten the zipper on the external one.


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