Skylar Evans

How To Make A Bookshelf

A small and unusual bookshelf can be made by your own means. It is not that difficult and will not take much time. As a result, you will get an invisible bookshelf that produces the effect that books just levitate near the wall.

1. You will need:

  • Book (choose the one you will never want to read);
  • Steel angle;
  • Good utility knife;
  • Pen;
  • Small screws;
  • Big screws;
  • Tape measure or ruler;
  • Glue;

2. Mark the center of the book opening, place an angle on it and outline the edges. Cut a hope deep enough to put the angle into it without any uneven edges. You can a front or back cover of the book for it, but keep in mind that it will be seen as the bookshelf hangs.

3. Put the angle into the hole and cut away some paper on the side to that the book aligned to the wall and the angle would be hidden.

4. Get the angle screwed to the pages using small screws. You should also screw pages of the book so that they would bear against each other. When doing so, it is recommended to grip the book in a vice, because the sheets should be pressed firmly. If you screw it the wrong way and leave some spaces (even the smallest ones) between the pages, the side will get wavy and have a bad look. In the picture you can see us using a screw gun, but it is more convenient to do it manually to have each move under control and manipulate pressure on the screw.

5. Use glue to stick the cover to the book body. Place a load on it - the pile of books we had mentioned - and leave it in such a position for the whole night. Do not make haste, wait for the night to pass and glue to set.

6. When the book is dry, use big screw to attach it to the wall.

7. Now you can enjoy your work. Place books on the bookshelf. Keep in mind that you should place as many books as needed to hide the angle.

And here we go! Enjoy how your guests get astonished and gaze at your books.


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