Evangeline Holland

How To Make A Mosaic Frame

It is possible to make of old and not necessary CDs a mosaic like that. It may be used for creating a stylish frame for a picture or a photo, or for decorating a gift packing.

For creating this mosaic from CDs it will be required to you:

  • old used CDs (if you want to make a wide frame, as it shown in the photo, then you will need two compact disks);
  • scissors / shears, tweezers;
  • glue, endurable cardboard;
  • black paint (in the tube with a thin tip).

Mosaic From CDs

Cut out from a cardboard a frame of any necessary size:

Cut disks in pieces:

Smear the cardboard with glue and paste CDs pieces as a mosaic:

Leave clearance spaces between pasted pieces of disks for painting:

Everything must be exactly like so:

Prepare the paint or coloration:

Here’s the frame which is possible to make with your own hands from unnecessary Cds.


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