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How To Make A Tulle Tutu

We will make a classic skirt that fits not only little girls but also girls and women.

You will need the following materials:

  • tulle;
  • To calculate the length of the fabric you need, measure your waist and multiply this number by 4. The width of the fabric is the skirt’s length plus extra fabric for an allowance for seams.
  • more dense fabric to make an underskirt, approximately 2 meters;
  • satin ribbon with a width of about 10 cm (4 inches) for the waistband;
  • zipper of the same color as the underskirt


1. Lay strips of fabric on the table and make pleats (they shouldn’t be even). Fix them with pins.

Note that working with each layer separately, you will get a very puffy skirt. If you need a model with smoother contours, put the layers of fabric one on the top of the other and pleat them all at once.

2. Measure approximately 2 cm (1 inch) from the edge of the fabric; make a straight stitch along the long side of each strip to secure the pleats.

3. Adjust your sewing machine for a maximum stitch length; sew suture stitch directly above a straight line. Do not secure the thread, you will need loose ends to tie the fabric up in the next step.

4. Once you have sewn all the strips, pull them together using the thread from the suture seam. The skirt’s length must be 1 cm (0.5 inch) larger than your waist.

5. Sew all the strips on the strip of lining fabric. Its length must be equal to your waist, and the width is about 8 cm (3 inches). Sew the bottom layer to the bottom edge of the strip, then sew all other layers. The side edges of all strips must be 5 mm larger than the lining on both sides.

6. Sew a simple single-layer underskirt out of matching thick lining material. Sew the zipper to the back of the skirt.

7. Cut a piece of strip slightly longer than the collected strips of tulle. Fold it in half and iron.

8. Put the fabric strips into a pile and attach them to the folded ribbon.

9. Stitch the construction along the ribbon’s long side so that the lining and the previous stitches don’t show.

10. Sew the ribbon and tulle to the underskirt, leaving about 1 cm (0. 5 inch) from the back of the skirt above the zipper.

11. Sew a hook and a loop there. When the zipper is closed, the layers of tulle should slightly overlap each other, so the underskirt shouldn’t show.

If you use hard tulle and sew a very puffy skirt, you can sew each layer as shown above:

Just stitch a thin satin or silk ribbon along the edge.


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