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How To Make A Treasure Chest

One of the deepest desires of every human is to have a chest full of gold. In order to make sure of that you may simply give someone treasures that you’ve recently found. We assure you that no one will refuse to have it. Today we present you our best masterclass on how to make a treasure chest with your own hands. You may give such a chest as a wedding present or as a symbol of a family’s wealth and well-being.

The Walls And The Bottom

The frame of the chest is made of solid boards. The size of the boards is 40*50 cm. The walls are cut off from above along the radius. The allowance from the edge of a board is 10 cm.

The Assembling Of The Walls To The Bottom

The next step is the assembling of the walls to the bottom. You may either glue the walls or fasten them with self-tappers.

The Casing Of The Chest With Boards

Now we start casing the walls of the chest. After you finish working with the first board, pay attention to the marking. These are the places where you’ll need to make holes with the help of the saw. This will be the side wall of the lid.

The Casing Of The Chest’s Lid

We case the lid of the chest also with the help of boards.

We make a hole with the help of the saw. The hole should be located 20 cm lower than the upper part of the chest.

We the help of an electric fretsaw we saw out sections on the 2 side wall. We do it by sawing out along the marked line.

We Fasten The Hinges To The Chest

Having sawn off the lid of the chest from its base, we set it up on hinges from behind. We also screw on the front of the lid a hinge for the lock.

Along the lower part of the chest we nail down iron edges. The colour of the edges should be bronze.

Fasten The Knobs To The Chest

On the wall sides of the chest we crew on bronze knobs, We do it with the help of self-tappers.

We Decorate The Chest With Pieces Of Leather

In the end of the decoration process you’d better nail down pieces of leather with the help of nails with big heads.

We pull a strip of leather to the lower part of the chest and cut off the excess. You can also see the edges and legs of the chest on the picture.

The Inner Casing Of The Chest With Velvet

You may decorate the inner sides of the chest with velvet. You may choose any colour you want. In our case it is wine - coloured.

The Ready Chest Made With Your Own Hands

In the end we get this beautiful chest.


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