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How To Shorten A Zipper

Currently you can purchase any zipper depending on type of clothing, required fastening strength and its appearance. But suppose you have knitted a jacket for yourself and want to sew to it a zipper - and. . . you cannot find in the store the desired length of a zipper.

Very simple: buy a zipper a little longer than required and shorten it yourself. There are zippers with metal and plastic teeth. Length of detachable zippers is 30-35 and 40-80 cm with gaps (width of zipper teeth) in 5 cm.

We will need:

  • scissors;
  • clippers (or pliers);
  • a scorcher on a tree (or a soldering iron, or a knife, or a paper clip).

1. We mark the required length of a zipper:

2. We cut off from the marked point higher by 2,5-3 cm:

3. Now the most important: by pliers neatly cut off the teeth higher above the marked point, they are cut off well, but we obligatory need to get two intact teeth:

4. Now the received intact tooth insert between two end teeth:

5. Heat up a scorcher (a soldering iron, a knife, a paper clip) and neatly solder the end teeth:

6. Similarly, in the second half of a zipper, now we get accurate stoppers at the ends of a zipper, which are not worse than the factory ones:


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