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How To Make Strawberries From Felt

To turn an ordinary piece of felt into a «strawberry» you need the following materials and tools:

  • A piece of paper, a pen or a pencil;
  • A pair of compasses;
  • A thread and a needle;
  • Pieces of red and green felt;
  • Some filling like Holofiber or padding polyester;
  • Transparent beads of yellow or golden shade;
  • Glue;
  • Pins;
  • Scissors.

Felt Strawberry, A Pattern

As you can see, there’s nothing difficult about it.

  • Draw a circle using the pair of compasses on the piece of paper and then cut it in halves.
  • Draw a smaller circle nearby and four straight lines through its center. Then draw a star, which will be the bract.
  • Cut out the details.

When the pattern is ready, you can begin!

1. Match the pattern with the fiber: a semicircle (the strawberry)
with the red felt, and the bract star with the green. Pin them and cut them out using the sharp scissors:

2. Fold the red detail in half and sew the side going from the acute angle with the blanket stitch.

3. The «strawberry» is ready to be padded:

Pad the «strawberry» hardly.

4. Take the needle with a red thread and sew the top of the
strawberry with the blanket stitch. Then constrict it to close the hole and tie a tight knot:

5. Take the beads and the needle. Sew the beads to the «strawberry» imitating the seeds:

6. You have two details now:

Glue the top of the strawberry.

7. To make the bract be close to the berry pin the two details along the splice:

8. Repeat the steps as many times as many strawberries you require! You can put them into a handmade basket or make a garland of them.

You can also make other fruits and vegetables like this and place them around your house, or make some compositions of them.


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