Kali Walters

How To Sew A Button

It is not difficult to sew a button correctly, if you know how. There are usually buttons on the shirt, as the specialists say, per puncture, in other words, they are flat and have 2 or 4 holes.

To sew a button, one will need a needle with a thread, scissors, a shirt with a torn off button and a toothpick.

In the place, where the button should be, make 1 stitch of 0.3 cm, leave the 2-3 cm of the thread tail, then make one more stitch, make a loop from the thread. Pull out the needle and tie up the thread. Cut off the tail.

Put a toothpick stealthily under the button and make 5 stitches. Then pull it out, put the toothpick again and make 5 more stitches into the other 2 holes. The stitches can be located based on the desire crosswise or parallel, it is better to look finitely and put stitches as on buttons that are still being held.

Try to get from the reverse side into the same punctures so that even from the reverse the thing would look neat.

Take out the toothpick and turn the thread under the button 6-8 times in order to get a certain likeness of a leg.

To finish sewing a button, turn the stitch through the center of "the leg".

and pass the needle through the formed loop. Repeat these actions 2-3 times. Cut the thread, close to "the leg".

The button on "the leg" is sewn on the shirt.


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