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How To Make A Paper Helicopter

Children love to play with different models of equipment - vehicles, planes, helicopters. And made with your own hands helicopter from the paper will become not only a favorite toy, but will certainly be a legitimate reason for pride. There are a variety of techniques how to make the helicopter from paper - origami and paper models of helicopters, which copy these real flying machines. For the model helicopter of the paper in any case it does not require expensive materials and great skill, and the choice of technique of its production is determined by the child's age and the amount of free time.

Helicopter From Paper In Origami Technique

We will need:

  • A4 sheet of paper;
  • ruler.


Divide a sheet of paper on the square and rectangle, bending an angle. The square part will be used for the manufacture of fuselage and the rectangular - of a screw.

Take a square piece and fold in half and diagonally. Then we mark the lines of folding.

Fold a triangle out of the square, putting sides inside.

Fold side angles of the triangle to the center.

Fold side angle to the vertical axis.

Fold to the right the upper part of the right leaf, marking the line of folding.

Straighten the angle and fold it down.

Fold to the right the folded angle.

Tuck the angle into the formed valve.

Then we’ll repeat all these operations for the second angle.

Turn over the workpiece on the other side and do the same operation for inserting and folding the leaves.

Inflate the workpiece through the aperture which will result in a cube.

Using a ruler, press the top face of the cube and fold it inward.

We will put together the upper edges of the cube and will get the fuselage.

For a screw we take the remaining rectangle and fold it in half lengthwise.

The resulting strip we fold in half aslant. Bend the upper part and fold it in half once again. Then divide by two parts those quarters of the sheet that are adjacent to the center.

Bend the blades in different directions and the screw is ready.

Bend the angle of the fuselage in different directions.

Insert the screw into the formed groove. Our helicopter is ready to take off.


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