Gabrielle Ferguson

How To Crochet A Flower

Reel a thread on your forefinger.

Catch the basic thread with the crochet and make a loop.

Take the thread ring off your finger and make 3 chain stitches.

Then, we need to crochet a single crochet into the ring. Now we have an “arc” of chain stitches. You need to make 5 such like arcs (3 chain stitches, then, 1 single crochet into the ring). This is our 1st row.

Pull the short end of the thread and tie up the ring. Now, here is what we do in each arc: 1 single crochet, 5 double crochets, 1 single crochet.

You have crocheted all the 5 arcs. Then, in order for the petals to be sharper we need to crochet each of the petals around with single crochets. This is the first layer of the flower. If you stitch to it beads and the middle part on this stage, you’ll have small flowers ready.

After that, we start crocheting the second layer of the flower. In order to do it we turn over our article and catch the crochet of the first row. We need to catch the thread and make a loop on the wrong side of the article.

We need to crochet a chain of 5 stitch crochets. Once again, we catch the following crochet of the first row. There is an arc consisting of chain stitches. We do 5 more arcs in the same way (on the photo they are pointed out with the help of an arrow).

Let’s start crocheting the second row of petals: 1 single crochet, 10 double crochets, 1 single crochet. On this photo the second layer of petals is pointed out by an arrow.

Once again, we need to crochet each petal around with single crochets. The same way all the rest layers of petals are crocheted. We catch the crochets of the previous row, increase the number of chain stitches in the arcs and the number of double crochets that we crochet in the arcs.

In order to crochet the leaves, we need to crochet 3 arcs on the wrong side of the article. Each arc consists of 15 chain stitches that we need to connect together in one area. Then, we crochet 30 double crochets in each arc.

We crochet the article with single crochets. On this stage, we may say that the flower is ready and we may decorate anything we want with the help of it. We need to crochet a bindweed on our flower.

In order to do it we need to crochet a chain consisting of 30 chain stitches. Then, we crochet 5 double crochets in the each loop of the second row. If you wish, you may decorate the flower with beads and pastes the way you like. You also may create this beautiful article.

Or you may have something like this as a result. Maybe, you’ll create something even more beautiful.


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