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How To Draw A King

A king is a man endowed with the highest authority in the country. A king rules his kingdom. His heirs are called princes or princesses. Most of the past kings lived and ruled in Europe, but these days there are only a few countries left that are still ruled by kings (for example, Spain). However, modern kings don’t have the same powers that the past ones had: these days they serve more as the symbols of their countries then as the real rulers.

How To Draw A King With A Pencil: Step By Step Tutorial

Step one. All big things start with something simple. We start by drawing an ellipse, which will later become the king’s head, and adding a curve line under it: the line depicts the body.

Step two. We draw lines of a crown at the top of king’s head and then we mark the hair limit on the sides of his face. After it we mark the position of eyes and other facial features on the face: to do so, we draw the lines. We also draw a royal cape on king’s shoulders.

Step three. Look at king’s face closely, then add a few more lines to make his eyes, nose, mouth and brows more precise. Improve the look of a royal cape by adding a few more lines too.

Step four. Now we have to look at king’s face even more closely. Draw king’s facial features (be sure that the lines are clear end even), add a big mustache and a beard, and don’t forget about the hair (we have to make it more presentable).

Step five. Now the basic preparation is over and all we have to do is to add fur to royal cape, add some decorations to the crown and sharpen king’s facial features.

The portrait is finished!


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