Anna Wright

How To Cook Ramen

Wheat noodles are the main component of the soup ramen, besides that, it`s ingredients can also include a broth (or several different kinds of broth), as well as the pork cooked in a certain way (tyasyu), chicken eggs boiled hard, the nori leaves, the shiitake mushrooms, vegetables or seafood.


  • Ramen - 2 packages;
  • Take spices to your taste;
  • 2 eggs.


Pour water into a saucepan, place it on a fast fire, bring it to the boil.

Add spices from package into the boiling water.

Add noodles there.

In order to add taste to your dish, add spices to your taste. You can add the hot (ground) pepper chili.

Boil the ramen 3 minutes, after that, remove it from fire.

Break two eggs into the dish and carefully melt them by a fork to the bottom of the saucepan. The eggs should be sunk, they shouldn't swim across the surface, thus they will be fully cooked.

Dish it up.


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