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How To Make A Minion Costume

It is quite simple to make a carnival costume of a minion. For this purpose it isn't necessary to possess special abilities and to use remote materials. The image of the amusing hero can be realized literally in only a few minutes.

So, we will get to work. The suit consists of points and a hat. We will begin in a glasses making.

Materials and tools:

  • two big rolls of the gluing tape;
  • superglue;
  • about 40 cm of a thin rubber cord;
  • gray acrylic paint;
  • brush.


1. By means of superglue connect and fix two rolls of the gluing tape together. Thus, at you big round points of a minion will turn out.

2. Then paste a thin elastic band as it is shown on the picture below.

3. After glue completely dries, paint points with gray acrylic paint and wait when it completely dries.

Glasses are ready.

It was necessary to make a hat. Of course, you can use already ready thing if you find a headdress of the necessary yellow color in sale. Otherwise, sharpness and skills of needlework will come to the rescue.

Materials and tools:

  • piece of yellow elastic fabric of 40 x 40 cm in size;
  • strings of yellow color;
  • black lace;
  • any hat without decorative elements fitting the head tightly
  • tailor's chalk and pins;
  • sewing machine.


1. Fold fabric in half.

2. As a curve use a ready hat, having led round her contours. Don't forget to leave allowances for seams.

3. Cut out a pattern.

4. Using the sewing machine, sew a hat, not touching the lower part.

5. Process bottom edge of a product, having turned in fabric on one-two centimeters and having stitched.

6. Cut out small openings in the top part of a hat.

7. Fold a lace double, and then cut on four equal parts.

8. Pass a lace through hat openings. At desire consolidate result, sew a lace from seamy side.

9. Turn out a hat it is available, holding a lace if he isn't recorded by a seam.

In case you want that the improvised locks on hats fervently stuck out in different directions, use a wire to strengthen a lace and to give it flexibility.

Components of an image of a minion are ready. Now it is necessary to collect a suit: in addition jeans overalls, a yellow t-shirt and black gloves will be necessary for you. The casual clothes will turn into a carnival costume at the expense of self-made points and a hat with locks which will give it characteristic and recognizable features of cheerful characters.


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