Addison Harris

How To Make A Pinwheel

You will need:

  • colored cardboard sheet;
  • stick for a small pinwheel, sticks for a canape will do (they are sold in supermarkets), for pinwheels a little bigger you can use sticks for support of flowers (sold in flower shops and large supermarkets);
  • button, bead, any decorative element;
  • scissors;
  • glue.

Instruction step by step:

1. Cut out a square of cardboard.

2. Cut it as shown in the picture.

3. Bend every second angle to the center in turn and glue it.

4. In the center of a pinwheel glue a decorative element, and on the other side glue a stick.

5. If you want the pinwheel not to be decorative but to rotate, then instead of gluing a decorative element fasten a paper part to a stick with a pin and with a bead on the end.


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