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How To Make A Paper Fortune Teller

Recently there has been the returning interest in the games and entertainments that we had in our childhood 15-20 years ago. One of these games is a peculiar fortune telling on paper. You can ask your mom to show how to make a paper fortune teller. This hand-made craft is easy to do and does not require long preparation or special materials. To create a paper "fortune teller" craft you will only need a white sheet of paper and colored markers. No special skills or knowledge are required. All in all, the whole procedure of creating a fortune teller will take less than five minutes.

To construct a paper fortune teller with your own hands it’s important to follow the following sequence of actions:

We’ll need to take A4 size paper. We need to make a square out of our paper sheet the following way: you need to fold any corner of a sheet to the opposite side and cut off the odd top part with scissors.

After that we mark the center of a square. You can mark it with a point for convenience.

We fold all the corners in the opposite directions and then unfold them back.

Fold all corners to the center of the square.

You will get another square of a smaller size.

You need to turn over this new square and fold all corners to the center of the square one more time.

We now fold this new square vertically and horizontally.

You will eventually see small “pockets” from the back side of your figure. You need to work your fingers into these “pockets” without turning the craft. The basic shape of a paper fortune teller is now ready.

It’s time to move on to decorating the inner parts of a fortune teller with the labels. All in all it has eight parts where you can write something. For example you can write numbers from one to eight. Or you can indicate possible answers with words like “possible / impossible, yes / no, will happen / won’t happen”. If girls read for boys they can write boys’ names. You can also use fortune teller to play forfeit game. For that purpose you will need to write simple and interesting tasks on its edges like: to dance, to sing a song, to tell a poem etc.

You can additionally paint the fortuneteller with markers which will add originality and individuality to it. To make fortuneteller look more interesting, you can use matte or glossy colored paper.


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