Emma Smith

How To Make A Paper Swan

If you know how to make beautiful figures out of paper, you can entertain and make happy not only yourself, but also people around you. In hands of a true professional a small sheet of paper seem to become alive and then turn into a beautiful flower (for example. a rose) or into a figure of an animal (for example, a swan).

To begin with, we suggest you a simple way of creating a swan out of one square sheet of paper. Then you can learn to create a swan using a number of paper pieces.

A paper swan (simple origami)

You should take a square sheet of paper. (It’s necessary to take a square, white sheet of paper. The sheet should be 10x10 cm in size. You may take a bigger sheet; the main thing is that it should be square.)

We fold the square diagonally and then unroll it. (We need to do it in order to see the diagonal line)

Bring 2 lower corners of the sheet to the diagonal line.

Then we turn the figure over on the other side and again bring 2 lower corners of the sheet to the diagonal line.

By bringing the lower corner to the upper one, we split the figure in two halves.

Then we fold the corner downwards. The size is arbitrary. The folded corner is the head of a swan.

Now we fold the figure in two in the direction away from ourselves.

We raise the neck of the swan upwards and pull forward its head.

Now we need to shape the head of the swan. Inward creases unfold and, using given auxiliary lines, we fold them up again. In order to shape the beak we make a stair step style crease. The swan is ready.


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