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How To Make A Gift Bag Out Of Wrapping Paper

On the eve of the holiday, we focus on buying gifts for our friends and relatives and totally forget about the gift bags. When finally we remember about them and buy the most beautiful that usually cost a lot of money! And we don’t even think that we can economize a lot of money on gift bags. How? Make them with your own hands. The sizes can be different, but the principles are always the same.

You will need:

  • wrapping paper - the thicker, the better;
  • scissors;
  • glue;
  • different embellishments.

Step 1. Cut out of paper a rectangle 24.5x34.5 cm (10x14”).

Step 2. Put the paper colored side down and fold about four inches from the bottom.

Step 3. You need to make four folds. As you can see on the photo, they should not be equal, fold about 6 cm (2.5”) at the corners and make a bigger fold at the middle.

Step 4. Fold the extreme sides inward meeting the two edges to each other.

Step 5. Make cuts on the fold lines as shown on the photo. This will be the bottom of the pack.

Step 6. Glue the longest side of the pack - from bottom to top. Make an overlap of about 2 cm (0,8”) it will facilitate the process of gluing when you turn the pack over.

Step 7. Now bend the sides of the pack to make it flat when folded.

Step 8. Now glue the bottom. As you can see, you need to fold the small details at the sides to form triangles. Start with the longer details on the bottom and go on with the triangles. Apply a thick layer of glue to make your gift bag more durable. It should be able to bear the gift.

Step 9. If you wish, you can decorate the top, cutting it with special zigzag scissors or other scissors for scrapbooking.

Now when the bag is finished, you can decorate it to your taste! You can draw on it, stick applications, photos, decorate it with quilling elements, rhinestones, sequins, embroidery, whatever you like. This gift bag is sure to be original and unusual.


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