Mackenzie Kelly

How To Make A Paper Boat

In this lesson you learn to make a paper boat according to that scheme which we will give you on photo and video. Actually this scheme of a ship is the same origami that is so popular for work with children today. When you make a paper boat, you will be able to play with it with friends also. It will be very interesting.

To make a boat you will need a sheet of paper (A4 or a simple album list)

1. Take a sheet of paper and bend it on length in half. Then once again bend and unbend back is to outline the lines of a bend.

2. Bend the top corners to the line which we outlined in the first stage.

Then turn in bottom edges up half (with front and from a reverse side).

3. Then turn in the lower corners on 90 degrees to top – from both sides.

Then bend bottom edges up to the end – from both sides.

4. Take the center and stretch the product.

Turn the bottom edge of a square up as shown in this photo.

5. Now again take the center and stretch the product.

6. Turn in the bottom edge.

7. Now take the tips of corners and stretch a product. The boat is completed.


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