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How To Make Dog Toys

The life span of toys for dogs is very short. If a dog really likes a toy, it will get damaged anyway. You may save lots of money if you make toys for your dog with your own hands. It’ll be cheaper than if you buy them at a store. Besides, they will have a better quality.

The Toy Is Made From Ball

For its production will need:

  • A tennis ball;
  • Strong scissors;
  • A bit of dry fodder.
  • You need to make a cut along the line of the picture on the ball.

The cut should be 1-2 cm.

An arc like cut is harder to open up than a straight one. Therefore, your dog will have to really make an effort trying to open it up. You put some dry fodder inside the ball and the toy is ready.

For puppies, you may make an easier version of the puzzle.

Plastic Men

It’s advisable to make developing toys in case of young dogs. This way your pet will be able to improve its skills. In order to make plastic men you’ll need:

  • A pair of plastic tins of different size. This may be the tins left from lollipops;
  • 4 plastic caps from bottles;
  • A piece of a rope;
  • A bradawl and knife.

This toy is very convenient due to the fact that you can replace the damaged elements with new ones from time to time. If you wish, you may add some other elements to the toy.

You need to make 4 holes in a tin of a big diameter. Two holes should be done near the neck. They should be parallel to each other. The other 2 should be done in the bottom area. You need to drill holes in the caps beforehand. They should be big enough so that you can get a rope through them. The rope should be cut in 4 equal segments. We get the rope through each of the 4 caps and tie it on the end. The second end of each of the ropes you should get through the hole in the tin and also tie.

The second tin needs to be connected with the first. If the bonnet threads of the bottles are the same, you may simply twist one bottle in the other one. You may connect the bottles with each other with the help of the ropes as well. As a result, you’ll get a funny-looking man.

The toys for dogs made with your own hands shouldn’t be too hard to create. Anyway, they will last maximum a week. You may make the toy mentioned before easier and use only one bottle. You drill several holes in the bottom of the bottle and get the ropes through them. On the end of each of the ropes there should be well-tied knots.


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