Laila Mason

How To Make A Cardboard Boat

Just have a look what a marvelous pirate ship, you can make from cardboards with your own hands! Your children will be delighted, having felt like true pirates! The kids can play with this toy in the country and with their friends in the yard.

You will need:

  • a big cardboard box;
  • several sheets of dense carton (or a two more cardboard boxes);
  • some big branches (bamboo sticks go very well or dried sunflower stalks, 2-4 cm by diameter);
  • the rolls from the toilet paper or paper towels;
  • some Glue, sticky tape;
  • a knife, scissors.

For the beginning, let’s do the boat framework. If necessary, elongate the stern and make a peaked rostrum as shown on the photo:

Now, as we have shaped our boat in the proper way, it is time for cutting the top part off the box.

If the children like the boat our work is over, but we should better continue improving the pirate ship. The next step is to make a mast and insert it into the ship:

Further, we put the sticks horizontally, and attach the sails to them: The very important thing is the ship rudder – the steering wheel. It can be made of a plastic plate and choc-ice sticks.


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